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brewery The Dalles OR


Juicy Centennial Hops create a complex aromatic beginning to a classic American Pale Ale. Intense Malt characteristics, appropriately balanced bitterness, and a clean finish to make this brew sweet, delightful, and now your favorite!

  • Flavor Notes: Subtle fruit and honey beginnings highlighting a perfectly balanced semi-sweet malty body finishing with a mild bitterness.
  • Original Gravity: 14.4 degrees Plato (1.057)
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6.2%
  • Bitterness Units: 40
  • Hops: CTZ for bittering & Cascade for finishing and dry hopping
brewery Hood River OR


Found on the low end of the IPA style scale, Harvester IPA combines reasonable bitterness with a unique hop flavor profile. This is what sets it apart from its competitors.

  • Flavor Notes: Up front malt with medium bitterness and matched body. The finish is uniquely piney/citrus with a floral balance.
  • Original Gravity: 17 degrees Plato (1.068)
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6.6%
  • Bitterness Units: 66
  • Hops: CTZ for bittering, Sorachi Ace & Cascade for finishing and dry hopping
breweries The Dalles OR


Destined to be a Freebridge Brewing favorite, the Muleskinner Stout is medium bodied with roasted notes and a creamy mouth feel. Light enough to be drinkable anytime without being overpowering. 

  • Flavor notes: Low bitterness for a stout with an emphasis on a clean roasted malt finish. 
  • Original Gravity: 13 degrees Plato (1.052)
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.9%
  • Bitterness Units: 40
  • Hops: CTZ for bittering & Cascade for finishing
Breweries Hood River OR


Big and bold best describes this India Red Ale style. A great mix of flavors competing for attention. Substantial bitterness and a heavy body with a deep red color accompany this IRA’s big complex bill of malt flavors.

  • Flavor Notes: Bold body and substantial bitterness with a medium hopped finish. This IRA finishes very rich synonymous with its deep ruby color.
  • Original Gravity: 17.5 degrees Plato (1.070)
  • Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%
  • Bitterness Units: 70
  • Hops: CTZ for bittering & Cascade for finishing
breweries The Gorge OR


Styled after the famous German Munich Helles Lager, Hillsider boasts crisp, clean, and malty characteristics representative of the region it’s born. A great day-drinking beer that wont leave you feeling bloated and ready for a nap. 

  • Flavor Notes: Bright and balanced with a light spicy finish. Medium bodied with an emphasis on the malt bill.
  • Original Gravity: 13 degrees Plato (1.052)
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%
  • Bitterness Units: 24
  • Hops: Hallertauer Tradition both bittering and finishing.

Pulpit rock pilsner

Pulpit Rock pours a rich golden body with a brilliant white foamy head that fates in to a fine ring around the glass. 

  • Flavor Notes: Distinct light Lager flavor offering a whiff of Noble hops which showcase the malt character of this easy drinking German Pils.
  • Original Gravity: 11 degrees Plato (1.044)
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.3%
  • Bitterness Units: 30
  • Hops: Sterling for bittering and finishing.

Suicide Grade Double IPA

Mosaic hops are showcased with this very balanced big and burly IPA.  Juicy might be the best descriptor when waxing poetically about this double. It begins with the burst of fruit aromas to drag you in to your first swig that only the Mosaic hop can do. Ohhhh yeah, dense, rich malty flavors followed up with a balanced bitterness that won’t linger like an in-law. 

  • Flavor Notes: Slightly sweet with rich aromas of fresh fruit as a result of the truckload of Mosaics. Dense malty body with a big bitter finish.
  • Original Gravity: 19.3 degrees Plato (1.077)
  • Alcohol by Volume: 8.0%
  • Bitterness Units: 100
  • Hops: CTZ for bittering and a truck load of Mosaics for late hop and finishing